Why are there rainbows in the sky?

Actually, nowadays there are many less rainbows than there used to be. Many years ago, there were rainbows everywhere, all the time. And moreso: they could be seen in all sizes, too. And all because of the dragons.

As it happens, many years ago, there were a lot of dragons in the world. Dragons of all sizes, colors and shapes. There were the funny yellow fat ones, the tiny red ones that got angry every time somebody called them shorty, the huge blue ones – great pranksters – that loved to scare the fishermen by pretending they were a big whale chasing after them, and some skinny green ones, that looked more like some sort of snake with feet than anything.

All of these dragons lived around the planet, swimming in the sea and rivers and flying above our heads. And, when they flew, their tails left a multi-colored trail: a rainbow. Because they were all sorts of shapes, the rainbows were also with a myriad of sizes. The Yellow Fat Dragons always left a trail very long and really close to the ground – it was hard for them to fly too high. The Little Red Dragons used to leave tiny rainbows, but a lot of them, jumping from one place to other, probably chasing after someone that called them “Gecko” or something. The Huge Blue Dragons liked to make rainbows that came out and in of the water, like dolphins jumping at the side of boats. I think that was the way they apologized to the fishermen for the scary times they gave them. But the Skinny Green Dragons were the ones that liked to fly between the clouds and used to make the most beautiful rainbows in the sky.

Back then, these multi-colored trails were so common and linked to the dragons that they weren’t called rainbows; they were Dragonpaths. And that’s how it went for quite some time: the dragons painting the world with their dragonpaths and us enjoying them.

But, one day, a Little Red Dragon had a terrible argument with a kid because he insisted on calling it “Itty Bitty Lizard”. It got so sad that decided to go away and never return. And, on top of that, called all of its little red friends to go with him.

A Huge Blue Dragon got a complaint from a fisherman to stop with its pranks because it was scaring away the fishes. It got so worried that it was disturbing its fishermen friends that it warned wall of its huge blue siblings to stop it too. They decided, then, to hide on the bottom of the sea so they wouldn’t fluster any fishery.

The Yellow Fat Dragons found out that they could have so much fun by laughing so hard that they would swell and float up in the air. One day, someone told them a joke so funny that all of the yellow fat ones busted into an uncontrollable laugh. They started puffing up and couldn’t stop. The more they laughed the more they inflated; the more they inflated, the more they floated until they had disappeared amongst the stars in the sky.

Worried about the destiny of their friends, the Skinny Green Dragons decided that they’d hide amongst the clouds and live there forever. They became very shy and fearful, so they only leave their cloudy houses on rainy days, protected by the rain and the clouds. Sometimes, one or more of them are caught by surprise playing in the sky after the rain is gone, and that’s why we can see their dragonpaths, the beautiful rainbows after the rain is gone.



Why is the sky blue?

This is a very good inquire, but is not the right one. The correct query is “why is the sky sometimes blue, other times gray, or orange and, at night, black?”

There you go: a complete question. But it happens that the sky doesn’t change its color. The one who likes to change the sky’s look is the Sun.

The Sun, like most stars, thinks that it is the center of the universe, it likes to shine more than anyone and it is very sentimental. And, because it’s an excellent painter, it loves to color the sky with its light according to its feelings.

When it’s happy, everything it’s ok and the sky is clear and pretty, it pant it all with light blue. It’s great, because people get to look up to the sky and be marveled by it as the Sun stands out.

On a cloudy or rainy day, the Sun gets very sad because it doesn’t standout much, it has to stay behind it all and all the clouds decide to appear more than the Sun. Then, it paints the whole sky gray in order to show that it’s very sad.

Every day, before it goes rest on the other side of the world, it colors the entire sky yellow, sometimes orange and, when it’s really enjoying itself, it paints the sky with shades of pink. This is what they call making a triumphal exit, so that everybody may admire its masterpiece before it leaves. I think that the Sun does it to leave everybody asking for more.

At night, the sky turns into black because that’s the Sun’s way of saying “Look, I left to take a nap. The other stars may shine now. Tell the Moon to work it!” So, it stops painting and lets the rest of the gang party all over the sky.

So that’s why you should always take a good look at the sky whenever you think it’s beautiful. You should clap your hands on the sunset and draw a Sun in the ground when it’s a cloudy or rainy day to ask the Sun to pop out. You should appreciate the Moon and the other stars, but don’t avoid sleeping just waiting for the Sun. All of this things makes the Sun extremely happy and makes it always excel itself with the colors.

Why do dogs smell each other tails?

Once upon a time, a long long time ago, all dogs lived in the forest with all the other animals. And they were very good friends with each other, always visiting on one another and throwing parties for themselves.

The Cat didn’t like this much, since he always felt extremely lonely every time the dogs threw a party and didn’t invite him. In those days, cats and dogs were very close friends and would be seen playing together everywhere; unless, of course, there was another dog-only party and the Cat would be left out. That’s why, when another dog-only party was scheduled, he decided to dress as a dog and attend to it too.

When Cat got to the ballroom and saw that all of its dog friends were really in there: the tall ones and the short, the hairy ones and the hairless, the fat ones and the skinny, the big ones and the small, he got really excited to get in there and enjoy the party with them all.

But there where a problem: to get inside the party, every dog had to hang its tail in a coat rack at the entrance. As it happens, happy dog tails have no business in this party. Have you seen how is it with their tails when they’re happy? They start wag around uncontrollably. You can imagine the mess, right? No drinks can be put down, since every single one of them are knocked to the floor. That’s why they decided to hang their tails at the entrance.

Except that the Cat didn’t have a real dog’s tail and if he used his own tail he would quickly reveal his costume and would not be allowed inside the ballroom. So he decided to borrow one of the tails from the rack. Cat was very sneaky (as cats are)  and was able to get to where the tails were hung.

Once there, he was totally lost: there were so many different varieties of tails that it didn’t know which one would fit best with his dog costume. There were long ones and short, hairy ones and hairless, fat ones and skinny, big ones and little. So Cat decided to test them all, one by one, to see which one would fit his costume just right.

Cat was very vain, he spent quite some time trying on each and every tail without ever being fully satisfied. When he finally made up his mind, he noticed that he had tossed all of the other tails on the floor and they laid there in a big circle around Cat. Worried by the possibility that a guest would arrive, see all that mess and not allow him to enter the party, the Cat quickly put all the tails back up on the rack. He didn’t know, tough, that they were all mixed up.

The Cat then entered the ballroom and had a great time with his friends. But, when the party ended and the dogs were all heading home, Cat noticed that there was a big commotion going on at the exit. He came closer and saw that the dogs were bewildered, with their tails swapped and looking for the right ones. Nobody new where their correct tail was! Can you imagine losing your tail, how awful that would be?

Realizing that the dogs were getting pretty upset by then, the Cat very swiftly jumped out the first window and escaped from the scene, pretending it new nothing about what happened. But the poor dogs went home sad without their correct tails. And that’s why, until this very day, when a dog meets another dog, it goes right to the other’s tail to check if it’s his.

And that’s also why, after the dogs found out what the Cat had done, that cats and dogs can’t see each other without a big fight.

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